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Software Comparisons Done Right

Find the right software solutions for your needs in minutes, not weeks. Rigorous, comprehensive software comparison research; regular in-depth publication of our results; bespoke reports prepared automatically based on your own priorities; interactive data collection and analysis; thought leadership on all software categories; and so much more. Welcome to Doakio.

Software Comparison Categories

These are the software categories that we’ve published, using original, comparative research:


79 Screenshot Software Tools Compared

Does the perfect screenshot software exist? If it does, this is where you'll find it. Here you will find detailed information to compare and contrast all screenshot software options on the market.


23 Text Classification Tools Compared

Text Analytics is fun! Well, it can be if you have access to the right text classification software to do the heavy lifting for you. We sifted through every NLP classification solution we could find.


All 57 Knowledge Base Platforms Compared

You don't know what you don't know. Knowledge Bases can help you solve that problem! We love helping customers learn more, and the right help-center publishing platform is key to success.


74 Passwords Managers Compared

It's the 2020's, and using one password for every login will get you hacked faster than you can say HaveIBeenPwned. We did the hard work for you on your journey to password perfection.


Top Search Engine Alternatives to Google

Google may be king, but for how much longer? There is a huge world of knowledge that is either censored or ignored by the search behemoth. We describe all alternatives in great detail here.


21 Social Media Platforms Compared

As the social media giants age, they begin to crumble. New, disruptive social media platforms constantly threaten to steal market share. We compare them all in this research.


Top 50 Web Browser Alternatives

There is more to the web than Chrome. We identified more than fifty web browser options that you can turn to for greater privacy, speed, and so much more. No matter your operating system, you'll find something new here.


Data Visualization Tool Comparison

All good data deserves visualization. But what platforms are best for this task? Here you will find a comparison of more than 30 data visualization software options.


Excel Alternatives Compared

Excel is wonderful! But it isn't perfect. We've dug in deep to find and compare every alternative spreadsheet program available. Find a solution that fits your particular needs.


Ad-Blocking Extension and Plugins Compared

Yes, we have ads on our site. But let us show you how to block them! We compared and contrasted an epic number of ad blocking plugins and extensions so you could find just what you need.


Download Managers Compared

What is this, the 1990's? Believe it or not, download managers are still a thing! They can greatly accelerate your download speeds and help you download things you normally can't. Jump in!


Automatic Photo Creation Tools

The future is here. We found and compared every software platform and tool on the market that can automatically generate photo-realistic (or nearly so) images. Graphic designers rejoice!


Top Software-Comparison Platforms and Websites

Name one other website that exhaustively and publicly lists and ranks every one of its competitors. We do! If Doakio isn't what you need to find great software, then this research will show you where to go!


43 Image Ranking Tools Compared

Have you ever needed to select between a bunch of options for a photo, logo, artwork, or any other image files? We looked at every available image ranking solution so you can find the perfect image ranking software.


101 Survey Tools Compared

Did you know there are too many survey platforms in the world today? We found literally hundreds. We culled the list down to the top 101 survey software solutions, and pulled out the features for you to find the best fit.


37 Website Change Monitoring Tools Compared

This one is a bit self-serving. We need to monitor a huge number of pages to see if any software features have changed over time. So we did a research project to find the best web change monitor for our needs.

Exhaustive Original Research on Many Software Categories

Knowing what software options exist is the first step to identifying the ideal solutions for your specific needs.

Direct Links to Sources

Jump directly to the sources of our information to dig deeper in your quest for the best software.


Video Previews

We’ve found the most accurate, succinct previews for each software tool in our research. All accessible with a single click.


Proprietary Comparative Analyses

Our powerful software similarity, feature popularity, and feature rarity analyses reveal a wealth of information on every tool’s strengths, weaknesses, and closest competitors.

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