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222 Hyperbaric Success Stories

In this article, we are sharing with you over 222 documented positive outcomes for those who have used hyperbaric oxygen treatments (HBOT) in their own lives. Please let others know about the option that hyperbaric treatments afford. It can be particularly helpful to find an ailment that matches what your friend or loved one is suffering from, and share those relevant videos with them sorted from our list.

You can watch a full playlist of all these HBOT videos on YouTube by clicking here.

Do you know of someone who has benefited from hyperbarics who isn’t on our list? If their story has been published either in video or in writing, let us know and we’ll be glad to add them to our list.

We receive no monetary benefit from this list, and it actually costs us money to assemble and maintain it. However, we believe hyperbaric treatments are so synergistic with almost every other natural method of healing that we want the world to know that it is an option, and something everyone should consider.

222 Hyperbaric Success Stories

Mental clarity is important for all human endeavors, and much more so for highly nuanced, technical tasks like technical documentation.

There are many simple, affordable steps that anyone can take to increase their brain function, such as staying hydrated, getting sufficient quality and quantity of sleep, and maximizing their nutritional intake.

But going beyond these simple steps with performance-enhancing hyperbaric treatments is important for top performers in any field, including the technical sciences.

We hope you find this list useful for finding videos showing good HBOT results for specific ailments. While nearly every condition can be helped with HBOT, finding real stories from real people who used it for similar problems can help gather support from friends and family members who may need to help pay for the treatments or to purchase an in-home hyperbaric unit.

Click on any of the column names to sort the data by that column. You can click on the name of the video to be taken to that video, or click on the name of the ailment to be taken directly to the timestamp in the video where the ailment is mentioned.

Also, clicking on the name of the patient will take you directly to a summary of the positive effects hyperbaric therapy has had in their lives.

If you decide to perform a more in-depth analysis of the cases we’ve collected here, we ask that you reference this article in your research.

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