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OuR Team


Alexander Doak

Alexander is the President and Lead Technical Engineer at Doakio.  He's been working in various technical fields for more than 20 years, and has strong  technical empathy for customers.

Ana Marie Doak

Ana is our finance and budgeting director who also assists with recruiting and hiring. She has subject matter expertise in the areas of natural health, childbirth and breastfeeding.

Patti Lehmann

Patti is our Chief Editor and Head of Quality Control at Doakio.  Her keen eye and attention to logical consistency is a valuable asset on every project.

Jilo Arquintillo

Jilo is our resident text analytics researcher and business operations automation expert. He creates internal systems to help us help you, faster.

Jamerex Balvestamin

Rex is our Field Engineer and Local Vendor Liaison who aids in designing our infrastructure and work environments. He oversees the implementation of these designs and manages all our construction projects.