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All 49 Technical Documentation Platforms Compared


Welcome to our master list of every platform and tool we could find that can be used to create customer support documentation.

A support center can go by many different names: Knowledgebase, FAQ, self-service portal, help center, support portal, help desk, help authority tools (HAT) and more. But they all serve the same purpose: to inform and educate users.

We won’t be listing platforms that merely enable team collaboration on writing projects. The end results must be for end users in order to be included in our list. Any website creation tool could also be used for eventually building a help center, but since they aren’t a special purpose, we won’t be listing any Static Site Generators (SSG).

All 49 Technical Documentation Platforms Compared

Our purpose in creating and maintaining this list is to help anyone responsible for deploying a support system to quickly and painlessly identify which platforms and tools are the very best fit to meet their particular support experience design goals within their budgetary constraints.

If you are trying to build or rebuild an online customer-facing support platform for your company and need help navigating through all these options, free feel to leave a comment below or reach out to us directly.

Our next scheduled additions to this list include brief synopsis for many tools that describe what makes each particular tool stand out from the others.

Right now, we have listed their relative domain authority, their website rank, and a rough estimate of their traffic.

What elements do you find important when deciding on a customer support center platform? Let us know in the comments below.

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