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101 Best Movies for Learning English

One of the best ways to learn English is to watch movies with lots of engaging dialogue. If the movie is entertaining, then you are more likely to care about what is being said, so it will help you to remember the words and phrases used.

Often times we relax with friends and family members when watching movies, and we munch on snacks. It’s a fun time, so our minds are working differently than when we are studying intently. This method helps the brain absorb and retain information in another way, so it’s potentially a good approach.

It’s best to watch movies with lots of dialogue as opposed to movies that are almost entirely action like Transformers. Sometimes it’s good to watch movies with subtitles, and sometimes without. Both viewing experiences will help you learn in different ways.

We’ve put together a huge list of over 100 great movies with lots of dialogue that will help you take your English comprehension to the next level.

  • You can search the list by typing in a keyword into the filter box.
  • You can also sort the list by clicking on a column title. Clicking on the movie thumbnail will take you to a YouTube trailer for that movie.
  • Clicking on the IMDB rating will take you to the IMDB page for the movie.
  • Clicking on the Parental Rating will take you to the parental guidelines page.


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