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Articles claiming that artificial intelligence will never replace human creativity are sprouting here and there. But it just may be that these advanced machine learning tools will finally be the key to unlocking human creativity at scale, not necessarily replacing it. Exhibit A: GPT-3.

GPT-3 is the third generation of the GPT-n series by OpenAI that utilizes deep learning to generate human-like text. It’s not a sentient being, but the way it produces paragraphs after paragraphs of content from a prompt is eerily crazy!

Previous generations in the series have been a blast and produced quite interesting texts, but still not close enough to be mistaken as human. However, with the improvements in GPT-3, it might be harder to tell.

Up until this point, we’ve only had the pleasure of using (and toying with) GPT-2 through the highly-accessible InferKit platform. So most of our ideas in this article are mere speculation at this point. Here’s to hoping that changes soon though!

The most commonly proposed uses of this technology include generating computer code, design layouts, academic essays, or news reports. But these use cases may be too short sighted!

Perhaps the next great class of applications for hyper-realistic transformers won’t come from a seasoned NLP veteran, but from someone in the younger generation who grew up playing with the technology daily.

Here are some creative ways you can use GPT-3 constructively to unlock the fun of learning how transformers work:


Comedy is a niche market and has a very strict brand. Whether it’s stand up comedy or just a YouTube skit, preparing a script is essential, at least if you want to elicit roars of laughter. Some jokes are only funny if they’re well thought out!

GPT-3 could perhaps help with writing relevant punches in a matter of seconds in the hands of a knowledgeable comedian. Thought of a funny joke about a random thing? Enter it on GPT-3 and watch it generate more jokes with the same vibe.

We know GPT-2 output is loaded with novel ways to mash together otherwise unrelated ideas.  

GREAT FOR: Stand up comedians, YouTubers, comedic script writing for plays or films or adverts etc.


Children are like sponges: they absorb every last drop of information that you feed them. Teaching children about deep learning neural networks might seem like a challenge, but GPT-3 can unlock the fun and wonder, which are well-known keys to learning..

Children who are introduced to artificial intelligence and technology early on will develop stronger analytical, problem solving, and critical thinking skills. They will also be able to function better in a digital economy in the future 

GPT-3 can give children the opportunity to see an overview of how far we have advanced our technology, and might even inspire them to be programmers in the future and be part of the future generation of the GTP-n series!

GREAT FOR: Educators, instructors and parents


You have finished developing a software and you look forward to demonstrating a supposedly complete software to a client, who is equally excited about it. You boot the software and lo and behold, your demo data is either nowhere to be found, or absolute garbage like “AAA” or “123”.

It’s not a good look. It doesn’t highlight what your software can do, and you won’t even be able to show the rest of your amazing features without the right demo data. Most demo data generators either cost a significant amount, or only generate limited data.

Not for GPT-3. This bad boy can generate INFINITE demo data for your software, so you can save yourself from embarrassment the next time you present your software.

GREAT FOR: Software or app developers, sales and marketing teams


There are people who enjoy torturing their brains and melting them into soup. (Hey, no judgements!) If you’re one of these people, then have fun with GPT-3 and go to town.

Reading what GPT-3 says on random topics, and even on coherent ones, for long periods of time can cause mild confusion. It will even make you question your very own purpose and have a mild existential crisis!

But kidding aside, try it. It’s entertaining reading what a trained machine has to say about something and watch it attempt to be coherent. Forget about English, it’s alphabet soup time!

GREAT FOR: Brain optimization junkies, or the opposite


Have you ever been offered 10 million dollars by a prince from Nigeria?

Or have you ever won a mysterious lottery and received a text message from a suspicious attorney who is asking for your personal information so he could transfer your winnings?

I mean, haven’t we all?

If you’ve ever thought about responding to these spam, bogus emails or SMS messages, then have a go at GPT-3 and put its wisdom to good use. Tweak the settings a little bit and you could have an auto-responder that will leave these desperate phishers and scammers scratching their heads.

GREAT FOR: People who just can’t stand spam emails or scams


Team building activities are paramount in an office environment. They bring people together, build trust and rapport, and resolve any existing conflict between co-workers that might be causing tension in the workplace.

There are many types of team building exercises, and GPT-3 can unlock even greater potential!!

If you have exhausted Google looking for team building exercises, maybe hop on your GPT-3 and load it up with a prompt. It might surprise you.

One example of how GPT-3 can assist with team building exercises is email chains or team messages with elaborate instructions. Send this purely GPT-3 generated email blast to your office and watch the fun chaos unravel itself. Don’t forget to let them know that you didn’t write it, a machine did!

Alternatively, you can also do this if you’re looking for something to do during family game night or while drinking out with friends.

GREAT FOR: Everyone who wants to create a strong bond with a specific group


Love letters will never get old, but some cliches will. 

If you’re tired of the routine “roses are red, violets are blue” lines in your love letter, insert some hilarious lines you get from GPT-3. Better yet, why not let GPT-3 write the WHOLE letter? It can spice things up with funny proses that don’t have to make sense. It can even generate things that only make sense to you (inside jokes) if you enter the right prompt.

You can also go the extra mile and let GPT-3 write your wedding vows. You’d be tempted to do it for the laughs!

GREAT FOR: People looking to strengthen (or destroy?) a relationship


Prank videos rank very high on social media like Facebook and video streaming sites like YouTube. However, the niche is becoming very saturated and people either repeat prank concepts endlessly or cross the line and are harmful just to chase popularity.

It doesn’t have to be this way! You can prank people and stay wholesome and harmless, and there are ways GPT-3 can be of use.

Here’s an inspiration: You and a friend can sit in a public place (e.g. cafes, restaurants) and let GPT-3 generate lines you can read out loud. Capture anyone’s reaction within earshot and enjoy.

This can also serve as a social experiment if you want to see how certain people react to a seemingly random and incoherent conversation. Should be fun!

Again, works better when the transformer is a little bit wonky, so maybe GPT-2 is better for this, or a specifically trained GPT-3 model.

GREAT FOR: Traditional and social media pranksters, and for social experiments


With GPT-3’s power of coming up with ENDLESS text and content, who would not think of using it to generate something writing students can work on?

It might be a challenge for instructors to personally come up with their own editorial assignments for their students to improve, and GPT-3 can easily do this in a couple of clicks. Students will be able to dissect the text, make it coherent, and even learn from it!

You could also use it to come up with some bespoke, topical hiring tests when looking for your next great editor. Think outside the box!

GREAT FOR: Writing/editorial instructors and students, when hiring editorial staff


You’ve probably seen the post that circulated on social media about an AI creating its own script for Batman and you went like “How is that even possible? I call bs!”

Well, apparently, it’s not bs. GPT-3 can do this!

Of course, as usual, you will have to give it some fuel and feed it a prompt to kickstart the engine. You may want to adjust the settings a little bit depending on your preferences, but the bottom line is it’s going to at least give you a script you can build on.

This could also be a whole YouTube channel concept in itself! Imagine: A YouTube channel with short films purely written by GPT-3. You heard it here first!

GREAT FOR: YouTubers, film or script writing students etc.


Let’s face it, we have all been disappointed by a book or a film before. They might have not gone in the direction we have been wanting them to go, and there’s really nothing you can do about it aside from reading fan fiction or waiting for the writers to take them back and say “Sorry, that was a mistake!”

But apparently, if you really want a book or a film to redeem itself, let GPT-3 move things around for you!

Entering a paragraph (or chapter) or two on GPT-3 will help it generate what happens next, and it’s quite interesting how it studies the prompt and comes up with the next scene or chapter. It might not be best-selling author-grade writing yet (GPT-4 anyone?), but it could scratch the itch!

GREAT FOR: Film junkies, pop culture geeks and bookworms


Running out of game ideas with your group of friends? Feel like your board games or couch console games aren’t challenging enough? Try Guess the Prompt with GPT-3!

The concept is simple: One team feeds GPT-3 a prompt chosen from a short list of prompts and the other team guesses which prompt was used based on the generated content. Hilarious and quick.

It could also be a nice tie breaker for virtually anything, or just a quick thing to pass the time.

GREAT FOR: Family and friends game sessions


Sometimes, even when English is your first language, you can feel a bit lost when writing and something doesn’t sound or feel quite right. Maybe you’ve already scoured the internet for synonyms of certain words or phrases, but reading the results out loud leaves a sour taste in your mouth.

In this case, GPT-3 can be your go-to machine. Not only can it write full-blown content on its own, but it’s most especially helpful for finding other ways to say something. You can move the slider tools to get more variety too!

A good way to start this process is to load up a prompt that contains all the known synonyms found in the thesaurus. Then see what unknown synonyms show up in the generated output.

GREAT FOR: Content writers, copywriters, songwriters, educators, and just about anyone dealing with words!


What do you know! GPT-3 can also come up with things to use ITSELF on. It is the smartest deep-learning machine by-far and doing this is within its nature. Not really a surprise, but a fun fact anyway!

As an example, we used this large prompt inside GPT-2:

And this is what GPT-2 gave us, without any cherry picking:

One or two of those items might actually be genuinely good ideas. Prefixing … That makes me wonder if someone has built a reverse form of GPT-3 that can guess what words came before a certain text?

And that’s only from GPT-2. Not to mention, it wrote a better ending to this blog post than I can probably manage!

So what are your ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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