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Best Free Windows 64-bit Software | Gizmo’s Freeware Archive

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Windows 64-bit Software Index

Select a Software Category of Windows 64-bit software or view all items in one massive list, and support this community site for reviewing Best Free Software by donating.

[Doakio Editor's Note: This article was restored from Gizmo's Freeware archives as a service to the freeware community. Gizmo's Freeware provided high-quality, volunteer freeware reviews for decades. They shut down in July of 2021.]

Software Category

New and Updated Software

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Internet and email: Items added or updated:
Web Browser: NewGoogle ChromeGoogle Chrome, rewrote the category

Image Tools: Items added or updated:
CAD Program: NewBlender 
Paint program: NewKrita NewMyPaint 
Image Optimizer: RIOT 


This list of the best software for 64-bit Windows has 54 sub-categories with 81 products consisting of 64 native 64-bit applications and 17 compatible 32-bit applications.

Best Free Windows 64-bit SoftwareThe list will continue to grow as we add new categories and new products. Read more about 64-bit Windows by following the links in the related articles. Normally the products will have a review in the corresponding freeware categories so I will provide an excerpt from that review. Other comments will usually relate to 64-bit compatibility and operation.

The primary goal of this article is to find the best native 64-bit applications ( ) in each category. Where there is no 64-bit application in a category there will usually be a link to a review of 32-bit applications that includes some which are compatible with 64-bit Windows ( ). These 32-bit applications will usually run slower (due to emulation of the 32-bit environment) but are either the best in their class or have features that will be particularly useful to many 64-bit Windows users.

Although we do mention Windows XP Pro 64, all testing has been under 64-bit versions of Windows Vista, 7 or 8.

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