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What is Automatic Photo Creation Software?

Automatic Photo Creation Software Defined

I’ll begin by explaining what automatic photo-creation tools are not. They are not the same as automatic image editors. Also, they are different from HTML image-code generators, and traditional computer-generated imagery (CGI) techniques.

Automatic photo-creation software solutions are machine-learning tools that accept various input parameters (e.g. text, images, or slider values) to automatically create brand new images that have never existed before. Usually photo realistic. Sometimes these tools are called artificial-intelligence (AI) art generators, machine-learning (ML) image-creation software, text-to-image synthesis, or generative adversarial network models. As of this writing, many automatic photo-creation tools are specifically trained for a certain subject matter like cars, people, cats, trees, etc.

Automatic Photo Creation Software Features

Here are some of the most important features that we found in our thorough, related research on automatic photo-creation software:

  1. Unlimited Image Output: No limit to the output number of images.
  1. No Login Required: The user does not need to login in order to access or process a task or service.
  1. Photorealistic Images: Provides images that depict reality and resembles real-world accuracy.
  1. Application Programming Interfaces: Provides Application Programming Interfaces, which are interactions between two or more software products or services, to simplify a process.
  1. Other Parameter Controls: Parameter controls that deliver other features.
  1. Not Limited to One Image Type: Processes more than one kind of image.
  1. Adjustable Resolution: Ability for the resolution of an image to be altered or modified.
  1. Accepts Text Input: Enables the user to type input words or phrases as arguments to process a service.

Automatic Photo Creation Software Terms

Neural network – A circuit of artificial nodes or neurons, e.g. Autoencoder.

Generative model – includes the distribution of the data itself, can generate new data instances. “For example, models that predict the next word in a sequence are typically generative models.”

Parameter – a characteristic or factor that helps to classify or define a particular system, or sets the rules for the system’s operation.

Dataset – used for training machines, in machine-learning settings.

Machine Learning – a branch of artificial intelligence, machine learning focuses on algorithms that get computers to learn or think as people do, through experience and by using datasets.

Artificial Intelligence – used to describe a machine or computer that shows attributes associated with a human such as problem solving.

Generative Adversarial Network – a type of machine-learning framework. If you would like to do more of a “deep dive” into this subject matter, check out this video about GANs.

Notable Milestones in Automatic Photo Creation Tools

2014 – Ian Goodfellow and his colleagues created a design for a generative adversarial network (GAN). It involves two neural networks that are pitted against each other in a game.

2017 – a GAN was utilized to enhance an image. The focus was on realistic textures instead of pixel-accuracy, producing a higher quality image.

2019 – peoples faces, that were generated using StyleGAN, were of such high quality that they were compared to AI deepfakes.

2021 – Google introduced a framework (TReCS) for text-to-image generation. This could “support various applications offering a friendly human-machine interface. It could help artists create prototypes, draw insights from machine-generated photos and generate realistic images. Additionally, it can be used to design a human-in-the-loop evaluation system to optimize the network.”

Uses for Automatic Photo Creation Software

Applications for this type of technology have greatly increased. The Covid pandemic has caused a higher demand for contactless services and video content. Some industries that value customer engagement, such as education, restaurants, finance, and government institutions, are using automatic photo-creation software technology. This has improved customer service at the point of contact.

In the fashion industry many retailers that have not adopted automatic photo-creation tools or other AI technology, face bankruptcy. Automatic photo-creation software can also be used to create photos of imaginary fashion models so there is no need to hire a model or a photographer. In the world of art, sites like use AI and machine learning algorithms to generate works of art.

Popular Automatic Photo Creation Software

According to our research, the most well-liked tools are listed below, in order of popularity:

  • Icons8
  • Amadeus for Developers
  • Generated Photos
  • DeepAI
  • GANSpace
  • Runway ML
  • Artbreeder
  • Rosebud AI
  • Robohash Image Generator
  • Computer Vision Explorer

If you are looking for an automatic photo-creation tool that fits your needs, our free custom report will help! Simply complete our custom automatic photo-creation survey that allows you to input your own importance rating for each feature.

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