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What is Image Ranking Software?

Image Ranking Software Definition

User experience (UX) is becoming even more important in today's digital world. Image ranking software tools are web-based applications that help businesses improve UX (consequently improving conversion rate). Now we are not talking about optimizing your images for SEO ranking. The goal of image ranking software is to find out which images people prefer, find more engaging or more professional. Some other terms for image ranking software include: image A/B testing, bucket testing, picture survey tool, or image split-run testing. Our comprehensive Image Ranking Software Research shows more than 17 tools that allow image prioritization through surveys or other means.

These tools use a data-driven approach by usually testing two variants/images against each other. There are often other capabilities that come with image ranking software, like comparing two website landing pages or other specific web pages. Image ranking software is especially important to marketing departments as it allows them to drill down and discover what changes need to be made in order to encourage consumer activity. Today, most software used for marketing automation usually comes with the ability to run image A/B tests. even has a convenient calculator to gauge statistical significance of A/B test results.

If you are planning to perform an image A/B test it's handy to have a checklist ready, to clarify the process.

Common Image Ranking Software Features

According to our Doakio Image Ranking Software Research, these are the most common features, listed in order of popularity:

Survey Editor – An interface that allows customizing or editing of surveys and/or forms.

Data Analyzer Algorithms – Algorithms that make analysis of data, as easy as possible. Able to create custom graphs and tables and add them directly into reports.

Report-Data Export – Provides exporting report data into popular and common file formats.

Data Security Compliance / Privacy – Data security that satisfies General Data Protection Regulation compliance and privacy commitment.

Mobile Optimized Surveys – Provides convenience for participants to take surveys using a mobile device.

Multilingual Surveys – Allows participants to choose a language, beyond English, to take the survey.

Developer Application Programming Interface – Surveys and/or forms that provide an application programming interface – REST-based, and can be accessed with the use of API keys (code).

Real-Time Reports & Analysis – Able to build and customize reports from survey data, or generate them automatically. Real-time data and reports always keep you up to date!

Conditional Branching – Also called logic branching or skip logic, this feature creates a unique path through the survey that changes according to a respondent's answers.

Multiple Image Select – Allows participants to choose more than one image from the given options, for their answer.

White Label / Custom Branding – Allows removal of all branding from the survey so only your brand name is used.

Anonymous Survey Participation – Allows anonymity for online survey participants. Often, anonymous surveys collect more honest feedback.

Randomize Image Order – Shows the images being surveyed in a random order to eliminate first-selection bias.

Shareable to Social Media – Provides survey shareability to social media platforms.

Split Testing (Two Variants) – Perform A/B (two variant) tests on images to determine which would perform best. Only shows two images at a time, no more.

To find Image Ranking Software that will fit you, be sure to participate in our custom picture-survey tools survey so you can layer in your own importance prioritization for each feature. We’ll email you a complimentary custom report, automatically!

Image Ranking Software Testing Examples

Think of your current website landing page as the “control”, and the “variant” (or challenger) would be the same landing page with one variation, like a color change or a layout change.

Another example might be comparing a “call to action” button’s location to a different location, to see if it brings more customer activity. 

One common issue is having a website that is too cluttered. Again using a “control” page and comparing it to a “variant” page will help you to find a better balance. 

Popular Image Ranking Software Tools

For those interested in creating your own images using artificial intelligence, check out: Automatic Photo Creation Tools.


Customers often react differently to images or layouts than business owners think they would. So it is good to use image ranking software and test the images on the target audience instead of relying on intuition. This let's you prioritize your best performing pictures to suit the application.

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