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Doakio Weekly Technical Support Review #1

This is our first weekly Technical Support Shakedown, where we select and review five published articles from the world of technical support and customer support documentation. We’ll identify what makes the article good and we’ll also comment on areas where it could be improved or expanded upon. If you have an article you think we should highlight, let us know.


The Right Way to Do Customer Support

The Award-Winning Fluxx Support Team Is On A Mission, by Kenji Hayward

This article by Kenji shows a great way to subtly promote your brand. Identify a high performing team in your organization, and call them out for it. Share the internal recognition publicly. Though the white paper at the end doesn’t really tie in with the subject matter, and there are no natural links to other areas of their site (or other helpful resources). But all in all, absolutely worth a read. The substantial positives in the content far outweigh the minor editorial weaknesses.


Lights On for LEDs

Driving LEDs for Easier Adoption, by James Lee

This is a very technical piece on LED bulbs, and the power supplies that affect their longevity. It doesn’t have any broader application beyond that, but I thought the content was useful enough for people generally (anyone use LED bulbs?). In particular, we’ve been having terrible problems with our cheap chinese LED bulbs failing every few months, and now I think I know why. I contacted their tech team to let them know, support ticked #221409.


Dishonorable Mention


QuickBooks Enterprise Technical Support and Error Handling, by the Admin

I’m not linking to this article, it’s that bad. The comments section is filled with spam and the article seems artificially generated. If I was considering buying from WiZXeprt, this content would scream at me to run away. Lessons to learn: Don’t put out content unless it meets certain quality standards. And also, turn off comments on your articles unless you plan on moderating them and engaging with the readers.


Double the Knowledge Bases

2 many help centers

Technical Support – Summer Availability, by Paul Smith

This post is simply a news announcement about their services being unavailable for a certain time period. Not worth reading unless you are one of their customers. But I did notice they have both a knowledge base and a help desk. I wonder what the difference is. I asked as much in the comments, and will follow up if they ever respond. It seems like a confusing way to present your help content, and I advise against it. But they may have a good reason.


Let the Bland Articles Unite!


Benefits and Drawbacks of Technical Support Outsourcing, by Mary Christine Galang

This article by Mary is too short. Triple the number of bullet points could easily be added for pros and cons of outsourcing. Besides that, the content is decent if a bit bland. Also, no images at all. They would do well to take this and several other low performing articles and combine them into a much better post (with 301 redirects for the old URLs).

It’s very good to keep technical support articles short and to the point. But for general informational articles, long form is usually better so long as it is well organized, easy to read, and has plenty of internal linkage.


So what new thing did you learn this week about technical support? Are there any articles you think we should comment on? Let us know in the comments below, or reach out to us!

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