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GSheetsPress Tables on Mobile

We all create data table on Google Spreadsheet . How about showing this data table as a web table on your WordPress website.What if the data table updates in almost real time ………the moment you publish the spreadsheet after making changes. Introducing GsheetPress Table WordPress Plugin  that lets you pubish on your WordPress site

  1. A real-time HTML table that you created on the Google sheet.
  2. You can present the table in Card view
  3. You can publish the table in news view

What is so special about GSheeetPress Table?

There are many first actually . Here are ten reasons why GSheetPress Table plugin is unique.

  1. If you know how to create a table (the easiest job !), you can display your data as HTML table only any page or post. Shortcode has generated automatically and once you create a post or page with that shortcode, that is enough. You don’t need to visit that page ever……even when your data are changed in the original spreadsheet.
  2. Any update or change in data in the spreadsheet will instantly show the moment you publish your sheet after editing
  3. At any time you change the formatting – background color or font color., such change will show in the table the moment you publish your sheet. In case of real time table, you do not need to republish your google sheet, just wait for a minute or two…change on your website shall happen automatically
  4. Since the table is created on Google sheet, you can create certain data using formulas, function especially Google Finance …….and the result will show on the web table. For example, let us say the list of stock price or exchange rate, etc.
  5. The data table is capable of publishing hyperlinks. ( a column is reserved for it )………so just as you insert the hyperlinks on the words in a table, it will be published on the table.
  6. The table is capable of showing images. You need to paste the full URL of the image in the spreadsheet or HTML code for the image .
  7. You can show special characters by just pasting HTML codes in Google Sheet.