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Best KeeWeb Alternatives

Best KeeWeb Alternatives


In this article, we are going to list the top ten most similar alternatives to KeeWeb within our Password category. We extracted all known advertised features from every tool in the Password category, ran a custom cluster analysis, and finally compared every tool to every other tool to discover which Password solutions were most similar and most dissimilar to KeeWeb.

Take a look at our original Password research publication for a scatter plot, a top ten list, a custom survey, featured descriptions, and more details about the research principles behind these top ten alternatives and bottom ten alternatives lists for KeeWeb. Click on any tool name to be taken to a page with more details about the tool. One caveat: the solutions found in the bottom ten list are not by any means worse than KeeWeb.

KeeWeb - Top 10 Most Similar Alternatives

  1. Bitwarden Bitwarden - Has 23 similar features
  2. KeePass 2.45 KeePass 2.45 - Has 23 similar features
  3. LastPass LastPass - Has 21 similar features
  4. LogMeOnce 7 LogMeOnce 7 - Has 21 similar features
  5. RoboForm 8 RoboForm 8 - Has 21 similar features
  6. Myki Password Manager & Authenticator Myki Password Manager & Authenticator - Has 21 similar features
  7. Pleasant Password Server Pleasant Password Server - Has 21 similar features
  8. Keeper Keeper - Has 20 similar features
  9. 1Password 1Password - Has 20 similar features
  10. Sticky Password Sticky Password - Has 20 similar features

KeeWeb - Top 10 Most Dissimilar Alternatives

  1. PassVult PassVult - Has 5 similar features
  2. Password Reminder PRO Password Reminder PRO - Has 5 similar features
  3. Simply Sync Password 3.5 Simply Sync Password 3.5 - Has 6 similar features
  4. PeoplePassword PeoplePassword - Has 6 similar features
  5. PassMan PassMan - Has 7 similar features
  6. Password Locker Password Locker - Has 7 similar features
  7. Password Director Password Director - Has 9 similar features
  8. LogonBox LogonBox - Has 9 similar features
  9. Yojimbo 4.5 Yojimbo 4.5 - Has 10 similar features
  10. GNOME Keyring GNOME Keyring - Has 10 similar features

All KeeWeb Features in Order of Popularity

KeeWeb Details

Free trial: Fully Free

Pricing: Free

Feature summary: Works with all desktop platforms, and with KeePass. Provides color themes and other helpful options.

Age of Software/Company: 6.3 Yrs

Distinctive features:

  • Digital Inheritance / Legacy
  • Portable Edition
  • Open Source Code