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SaaS Project Management

SaaS Feature Prioritization

What features you choose to develop for your SaaS tool can lead to success or failure for your business.  Don’t risk months of development time on features that aren’t valuable to customers.

We help you gather the data you need in the format you need to understand how customer priorities interface with actual loyalty, new signups, reduced operational cost, and more.  Decide on a decision making process before you decide on your next feature set.

Day to Day Operations

Expand your growth by letting your executive team execute and let us manage the day to day interactions with development teams. Answering complicated developer questions, reaching out to customers, clients, and partners for additional details, communicating timelines and the nuanced requirements must all be handled in a way that encourages the decision makers to take the action that leads to your desired outcomes.

Your company’s objectives set the stage for feature prioritization.  What exactly are you trying to do for customers, and why?  Are you looking to retain customers, expand current business, grow your initial customer base, or diversify?

The Customer is Always Right.  Except when they are not.  Always pay close attention to customer requests, but find out why they’re requesting it. Understand the need behind the ask, so that you can devise the best possible solution.

You will need to balance what your company wants and what the customer wants with what your development team is capable of producing with limited resources.

At Doakio, we’ve demoed scores of project management tools and can make the best recommendations for your team.  We like JIRA for our own internal operations, but there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution to SaaS project management.

SaaS companies have amazing potential to grow at break neck speeds.  You should recruit constantly to keep pace and attract the best talent in the market place.  Focus on that, not the day to day operations.

With the age of information in the distant past, we are fast approaching the age of service.  When most manual or repetitive labor or computations are replaced by robotics and AI, the one true differentiation remaining is human service and empathy.  Ensure your team exemplifies this with every customer touchpoint.