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Best Lemmefind Alternatives

Best Lemmefind Alternatives



In this article, we are going to list the top ten most similar alternatives to Lemmefind within our Search Engine category. We extracted all known advertised features from every tool in the Search Engine category, ran a custom cluster analysis, and finally compared every tool to every other tool to discover Search Engine solutions that were most similar and most dissimilar to Lemmefind.

Check out our original Lemmefind research publication for a scatter plot, a top ten list, a custom survey, featured descriptions, and more details about the research principles behind these top ten alternatives and bottom ten alternatives lists for Lemmefind. Clicking on a link will take you to a page dedicated to that tool. Note that the bottom ten tools listed here are not necessarily inferior to Lemmefind.

Lemmefind - Top 10 Most Similar Alternatives

  1. Bing Bing - Has 4 similar features
  2. DuckDuckGo DuckDuckGo - Has 4 similar features
  3. Startpage Startpage - Has 4 similar features
  4. Yahoo Yahoo - Has 4 similar features
  5. Search Search - Has 4 similar features
  6. Qwant Qwant - Has 4 similar features
  7. Search Encrypt Search Encrypt - Has 4 similar features
  8. Gibiru Gibiru - Has 4 similar features
  9. Yippy Yippy - Has 4 similar features
  10. Oscobo Oscobo - Has 4 similar features

Lemmefind - Top 10 Most Dissimilar Alternatives

  1. SearchEngineZ SearchEngineZ - Has 0 similar features
  2. Sputtr Sputtr - Has 0 similar features
  3. Symbaloo Symbaloo - Has 1 similar features
  4. Searx Searx - Has 2 similar features
  5. giveWater giveWater - Has 2 similar features
  6. Lukol Lukol - Has 2 similar features
  7. Yandex Yandex - Has 2 similar features
  8. YaCy YaCy - Has 3 similar features
  9. Exactseek Exactseek - Has 3 similar features
  10. Kiddle Kiddle - Has 3 similar features

All Lemmefind Features in Order of Popularity

Lemmefind Details

Age of Software/Company: 17.9 Yrs