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Technical Customer Support

Technical Customer Support

Top tier customer support should be a priority for any customer facing business.  Contact the support experts at Doakio for a set period of time (usually months) so we can build out best practices for your internal teams, or utilize our team members for extended periods of time to maximize customer loyalty.

Contact us for a free consultation on an approach that will maximize return for your available budget.

Developer Relations

Developers have different needs and communication preferences when compared to the general public.

When your customers are developers, it becomes even more important to make your documentation equal to or greater than the quality put forth by the industry’s giants, because developers see it all.  Fortunately, with Doakio, this is more than a possibility.  It is inevitable.

We’ll train your reps to gather a deep understanding of what customers are actually saying as opposed to giving canned responses straight from existing help content.  Validation of any emotions expressed is the first step.  Rephrasing their problem as a natural part of the conversation / solution is also key.

The best employee handbook ever written was simply this:  “Use good judgement in all situations.”  Where possible, support your own support team with the ability to resolve issues without escalation.

Encourage both support reps and customers to leverage the image and video mediums so they can more perfectly and quickly describe their problems and solutions.  Train your staff on all the free solutions at their disposal, and pick a few that you can recommend to customers as well.

When picking developer relations management, you need to be sure the manager has a good understanding of all relevant languages.  They don’t need to be developers themselves, but they should understand the technology to sympathize with the limitations and difficulties developers face.

Don’t expect developers do to repetitive tasks.  Their bread and butter is killing repetition with efficient use of well-written code.  Make sure you and your non-development teams appreciate and appropriate these sought after development skills.

Consider building your own developer communities from the ground up, and also definitely consider having official representation in the most important communities that already exist.