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Technical Documentation


Technical Support Documents

Increase customer satisfaction by giving better service faster, and by providing self-service to those customers who seek it.

Reduce your operational costs and increase overall efficiency by eliminating repetitive inquiries so your staff can focus more on strategic growth tasks.

Network deeper with your customers and business community members to grow your business.

Help Centers Customers Love

Customers want to help themselves when it's faster and easier than reaching out for support via chat, email, or phone.

Up to 67% of survey respondents said they prefer to access self-service over speaking with a representative.  Put together an all in one knowledge base, community, and customer portal to make their experience easy on them and you.

Look carefully at the commonality of the words used in your support article.  You want to keep everything as simple as possible, except those new concepts which you are trying to explain.

Ensure your support documents all adhere to your own company's internal design standards to ensure a consistent visual and functional experience.

Can you put yourself into the customer's shoes?  The longer you use your own software the harder it becomes.  This is one of those unique situations where ignorance is an advantage.  You need to document the customer experience before you know how things are supposed to work.

Ensure you have a very robust search feature in your help center.  We can help implement search solutions that allow logic controls, track all search terms used, and offer up related articles to better serve customers on their first search.

Make sure your feedback channels are, first and foremost, easy for your customers to use.  They should be highly accessible to elicit the maximum feedback possible for your help content.  A voting system and a comment system let your customers provide both quantitative and qualitative feedback respectively on your help center.

Social media platforms should also be included in your repertoire of support channels.  Include links to those support channels throughout your help center, but only if you've configured your processes to efficiently respond to those channels.