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Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

Professional Tutorial Videos

The second largest search engine in the world operates off of video content exclusively.  Ensure your support content is captured in video format for disabled accessibility and for maximum exposure.

Each support article article can be quickly turned into a support video (with full closed captioning) to access all these benefits for minimal investment.

Internal Training Videos

Likewise, your finely tuned internal business processes are some of the most valuable assets your company has.  Ensure they can be quickly and easily understood by new team members in video format to capitalize on all the hard work it took to develop those processes.

While not public, they can be just as valuable and important to your company by making employees feel like they are well equipped as they engage in their important respective roles.

Articles with embedded videos perform better in the search engine results.  This will help attract incidental traffic and increase overall domain authority which will help with targeted keywords as well.

Be careful when implementing video embeds.  You don't want your visitors getting distracted by recommended videos.  We can help ensure your visitors stay on site.

Properly implement human-created captions on YouTube to maximize SEO ROI.  This is quick and easy when your support center is designed with this in mind.

In cases where almost all traffic is from desktop users, it's possible to implement auto-playing micro videos that act like images on steroids.  If an image is worth a thousand words, a video is worth one million.

We at Doakio have the professional audio recording equipment and studio to ensure your help video benefits from the subtle excellence of high quality audio recordings.  Settle for nothing less.

No video is complete without a slick (but brief) intro splash screen that introduces your brand.  Work with us to design and implement these on all your videos – internal and external, educational and promotional.