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You’ve made the right decision to contribute!  Here are nine wonderful benefits that you’ll receive by contributing your expert commentary to our articles.  Please ensure the content you submit is well-edited and completely unique (we do not republish identical content that already exists elsewhere).

We specifically like accepting expert commentary (100 to 200 words) on our existing articles.  Alternatively, you can can submit your own full length articles on technology, software, website design, user experience, customer experience, customer support stories, and knowledge bases or help centers.  You can also submit your own support tutorials or technical how-to articles here as well.

We do ask that you read the entire article you are commenting on, and proof read your submission several times before submitting it.

Here is an example of what your expert commentary will look like on our existing articles:

Example of Professional Commentary

And naturally any full-length articles we accept will have their own separate blog post / page.  If you are writing a full length article, no need to send us images.  We will find suitable images to go with your content.

Here you can submit your expert or professional commentary on many of the pages or articles on our website.
Please provide a link to the article from the Doakio blog that you are commenting on.
Please add real value with your insights. We reserve the right to reject submissions that don't meet our quality standards.
What links would you like us to include, and where in the text of your expert commentary should they appear? Please ensure the destination(s) are relevant to the content you are adding, and to our readers.