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As I reviewed this category, I discovered there were a lot of free calculator programs available. Some are financial calculators, some are scientific calculators, and some are mixed use or what I called multi-purpose calculators.

Trying to pick the best free calculator that fits everyone is not an easy task. Check out below the rated calculators, each of which having its own specific purposes and functionality.

Leave a comment at the end of this article if you have any favorable free calculator that has not been covered.

[Doakio Editor's Note: This article was restored from Gizmo's Freeware archives as a service to the freeware community. Gizmo's Freeware provided high-quality, volunteer freeware reviews for decades. They shut down in July of 2021.]

Rated Products


SpeedCrunch  The best scientific calculator with a math book


License: Free (Open source)

Formula friendly for scientific calculations, math book.
A little complicated for someone wanting to perform simple math.

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Microsoft Mathematics It has the most features for a scientific calculator


License: Free

The most features: generates worksheets including steps to solve and 2D/3D graphs; exports to Microsoft Word; add-on for Word and OneNote; equation solver; libraries of scientific formulae; unit converter; differential calculus; matrices; data sets; excellent help; etc.
Only runs on Windows.

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CalcTape  Best for simple calculations, with some advanced operations, exponential and percentage calculations


License: Free (Limited features)

Modern interface, easy to navigate, savable tape.
No help section, better features aren’t free.

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Windows 7 Calculator  The best all-around multipurpose calculator that works in Windows 10 as well


License: Free

Multiple calculation formats and worksheets, help file, comes with Windows 7
Fixed window size, made for Windows and not available in other platforms.

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Calcute  Amazingly simple but powerful calculator software


License: Free

Small file, flexible tape, easy features, detailed help file.
Limited keypad/scientific options.

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SuperbCalc  A great and interesting financial calculator runs across platforms in Java


License: Free

Tape has many features including the ability to customize output view and format, small file size.
No scientific features, help file only shows formulas, feature use online only, no in-product help.

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Other Caculators

These are other calculators which have not been rated in this review or have been mentioned in the comments section.

  • Moffsoft FreeCalc, a free lightweight calculator with a simple user interface, resizable window and optional color skins. It has a tape feature. The multiply and divide buttons didn't display correctly in Windows 10 when tested.
  • rpCalc, a little program runs in Windows and Linux suitable for users who like RPN calculators.
  • Kalkules, a free scientific calculator with an amount of nontraditional functions, which can be used particularly by high school or university students.
  • Sicyon, an all-in-one scientific calculator for anyone doing physics, chemistry, science or engineering using formulas and tables of constants.
  • SpeQ, a small and extensive mathematics program with all calculations entered in a sheet, in which you can edit and execute calculations. It supports all common functions, lets you define variables and plot graphs of your functions.

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